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special cargo servicesAt Jean D. Duncan Customs Brokers, Inc. of Atlanta, we want to make your importing experience as easy as possible. These important forms may be required for new importers, for those bringing in personal goods from abroad, ALL Ocean shipments, or for live animal imports. Your broker at Jean D. Duncan Customs Brokers can advise you regarding the need for each of these documents.

Jean Duncan Customs Power of Attorney (required for a new importer)
CF-3299 Unaccompanied Personal Goods
CDC Animal Containment Agreement
10 + 2 Importer Security Filing Form

For new importers: Kindly download the document “Importing into the United States”. US Customs considers this mandatory reading and having a copy on hand at your business is an audit point if you are an importer.

CBP "Importing into the United States"

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